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Rafe Katchadorian is a Middle School student. In the book, he has shaggy hair and he normally wears a red sweater with stripes..


In the first book titled: "Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life", Rafe Khatchadorian, recently enrolled in Hills Village Middle School, tries to break every rule in the middle school handbook, calling his goal: "Operation R.A.F.E" which stands for Rules Aren't For Everyone. In the end, he is expelled from Hills Village Middle School. However, in the film, he successfully breaks every rule of the book, gives proof to the Superintendent exposing his principal's guilt which fires him and kiss his crush Jeanne Galletta.

In the second book titled: "Middle School: Get Me Out Of Here!" Rafe gets enrolled into "Cathedral". There, he gets his first friend, and later, loses his first friend. He also starts a new operation called: "Operation Get A Life" where he tries to do something new every day.

In the third book titled: "Middle School: My Brother Is A Big Fat Liar!" Instead of it being in Rafe's point of view, it is in Georgia's(his sister) point of view.

In the fourth book titled: "Middle School: How I Survived Bullies, Broccoli, And Snake Hill!" It is again in Rafe's point of view. It is about his experience in Camp Wannamora.

In the fifth book titled: "Middle School: Ultimate Showdown!" It is more of a activity book instead of a novel, where Rafe and Georgia argue throughout the book who's better.

In the sixth book titled: "Middle School: Save Rafe!" Rafe is told he can get back into Hills Village Middle School, only if he survives at The Program.

In the seventh book titled: "Middle School: Just My Rotten Luck!" Rafe again gets enrolled in Hills Village Middle School, gets a dog which he names Junior, joins the football team and actually does really well and gets his first kiss from a girl named Marley Grote.


  • Rafe has a dog named Junior.
  • Rafe's last name is Khatchadorian. However, Miller The Killer instead says it as "Rafe Khatchadorkian"
  • Rafe has 2 other siblings, Georgia, and Leo. However, Leo is not really there because he died when he was only 3. Leo helps Rafe spice things up in the first and second book, but, after the fifth book, Rafe says he speaks to him in his art.
  • Rafe, Georgia and Leo are both named after artists.
  • Rafe's father does not appear through out the books because he had fought and died in the war.g

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