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Rafe Khatchadorian is a sixth grader at Hills Village Middle School. He is an artist, and imagines school as a prison for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. He has a crush on Jeanne Galleta and fantasizes about her. He initiated Operation: R.A.F.E, also known as Rules Aren't For Everyone, with the help of Leo the Silent in the sixth grade. His mother is Jules Khatchadorian, and his (adopted) sister is Georgia Khatchadorian. He has a dead twin named Leonardo, who is known for most of the series as Rafe's imaginary friend.

Appearance Edit

Rafe has shaggy black hair that probably matches his father's, since his mother has blonde hair. Rafe is an artist, who often draws his fantasies about the jail he calls school. His is almost always seen wearing a red shirt with a black stripe across it, and blue jeans with red sneakers. His other clothes include his ninja suit, the jail clothes he wore, his knight outfit, and his normal outfit, with a white shirt instead of a red one.

Trivia Edit

  • Like Leo and Georgia, he was named after an artist.
  • His mother is Jules Khatchadorian
  • His biological father is Luca Khatchadorian
  • His (former) stepfather is Bear
  • He has a crush on Jeanne Galleta
  • He is a dreamer, seeing as he often illustrates his fantasies
  • He was put on house arrest for vandalizing the school
  • He hates school

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