Jeanne Galletta








July 10, 2001



Jeanne Galletta is Rafe's crush at Hills Village Middle School. Rafe always fantasizes about her, although she doesn't show much interest in him, though she does talk to him and help him with his homework.

Jeanne is the type of girl who always does good in school, is nice to everyone, and helps people whenever she can. She is quite popular and has many friends, although she did get in trouble for going into the boys' bathroom to go see Rafe when he was upset and locked himself in the bathroom stall.

Appearance Edit

Jeanne has black hair, She usually wears a very short shirt with short and long sleeves with blue jeans and sneakers. She is often seen carrying her books or her backpack.

Movie Edit

Jeanne has briefer appearances in the movie, and brown hair. She also has glasses. Jeanne's name is pronounced like Jeannie. She supports Rafe's rule breaking and at a time, even finds out Leo exists.

Trivia Edit

  • Jeanne asked Rafe to split fries with her, though this may be one of Rafe's daydreams. False
  • She was called in by Mrs. Stricker to tutor Rafe.
  • She think's Rafe's rulebreaking is stupid.
  • In the movie, she and Rafe kissed to break the last rule.
  • Popular kids nickname her Jay-Gee.
  • Jeanne was Rafe's first friend in the school.
  • Her last name 'Galleta' is Spanish for Cookie.