Georgia Khatchadorian is a girl who is also Rafe Khatchadorian's sister. From Rafe's point of view, Georgia is an annoying brat who always exposes Rafe to their mother. From Georgia's point of view, she a responsible girl, who receives excellent grades, and looks up to some of the most iconic and influential people of all time. Georgia is in a band called "We Stink!" Georgia skipped the fifth grade and went to the sixth grade. In the sixth grade, she was mocked and humiliated by Missy Trillin and her friends. They made fun of Georgia because she had one leg shorter than the other and because of her band. She made a friend there, Rhonda, and met her lover, Sam. Georgia's mother, Jules, revealed to her that she was adopted after the death of Leonardo Khatchadorian. The identities of her biological parents is unknown.